Welcome to the 2nd Biomarker Insights Summit!

Illuminating Tissue Biology in a Digital Era

Please note: This meeting is taking place in-person only at the Embassy Suites By Hilton - New Orleans Convention Centre,

and online attendance will not be available.

In the era of immune-oncology research, the incorporation of traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC) approaches has been used as a biomarker screening tool. Recently, though, an increasingly complex interplay between tumor cells and the tumor immune microenvironment has been revealed, indicating that single data points provided by IHC are not sufficient to provide the granular level of data needed, not only for discovery, but for patient stratification for targeted therapies and insight into clinical responses, especially with the growing need for the identification of new biomarkers predictive for sensitivity to current anti-PD1 and anti-PDL1 therapies.

Following on from last year’s success, we are thrilled to announce that the 2nd Biomarker Insights Summit hosted by Ultivue returns, in-person, to highlight the challenges and opportunities of identifying and validating biomarkers in the immune-oncology arena, together with exploring how innovative digital pathology insights afforded by multiplex immunofluorescence techniques can provide benefit to clinical trials.

This summit will help define the new wave of the tissue biomarker industry through exclusive discussions with the movers and shakers, focusing on how evolving digital pathology workflows and the use of multiplex immunofluorescence can improve validation of protein and RNA biomarkers in situ when evaluating clinical utility of compounds of interest, as well as the strategies surrounding the implementation and use of digital pathology, AI and digital image analysis.

This is your chance to be at the heart of the discussion by joining 100+ of your peers to accelerate the translation of predictive biomarkers into the reality of healthcare!

2022 Expert Speakers Included:

Anthony Magliocco

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Protean BioDiagnostics

Marilyn Bui

Professor & Senior Member, Scientific Director of Analytic Microscopy Core, Director of Cytopathology Fellowship

Moffit Cancer Center

Suzanne K. Coberly

Senior Director, Senior Director, Oncogenesis & Immuno-oncology/CAR-T TRC Translational Pathology

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Tae-Hyun Hwang

Florida Department of Health Cancer Chair, Department of AI & Informatics & Immunology

Mayo Clinic

Jacques Corriveau

President & Chief Executive Officer


Jessica Riley

Chief Business Officer


Laura Dillon

Head of Translational Biomarkers

Parthenon Therapeutics

Radha Krishnan

Executive Medical Director


What Was New for 2022?

We bring to you a full day of cutting-edge content and industry-leading speaker faculty designed to promote thought leadership, and exclusively curated for those working towards the eradication of cancer via immuno-oncology approaches.

Join 100+ experts in New Orleans to:

  • Listen to 20+ senior leaders from fresh speaking organizations such as Takeda, AstraZeneca and MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Explore new content on the considerations for reproducible image analysis and novel AI algorithms
  • Connect with top minds from biopharma, academia, CRO & diagnostic backgrounds to share successes and lessons learned to better inform your own therapeutic endeavour

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Ultivue is a venture-backed company developing reagent-driven solutions for high-performance biological imaging in situ, combining unlimited multiplexing at high speed with high spatial resolution. Ultivue’s proprietary solutions will enable researchers to realize the promise of personalized medicine. The company has launched products and services that will seamlessly integrate into existing workflows for biomarker discovery, assay validation, and companion diagnostic applications.