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Welcome to the Inaugural Biomarker Insights Summit

The immunotherapy landscape is seeing an unprecedented level of innovation around tools and drugs, yet collective attrition rates in clinical trials remains high. At the inaugural Biomarker Insights Summit, hosted by Ultivue, unite with fellow stakeholders within the pathology and translational ecosystem to remain at the forefront of innovations for predictable, quantitative and reproducible biomarker assay development and analysis.

How do biopharma, academics, CROs and regulatory agencies all function together?

How are you thinking about the conversion of biopharma research into actionable biomarker programs in the regulated space?

What are the challenges in moving multiplex assays into the clinical labs and how can we mitigate technological, regulatory and adoption barriers?

What are the key considerations to implement digital pathology into a clinical setting?

What to Expect?

This one-day digital symposium is dedicated to connecting the dots within the pathology and translational ecosystems alongside biopharma, academic, CRO and diagnostic leaders to explore how multiplex immunofluorescence, as an accessible, flexible and valuable tool, can improve validation of protein biomarkers in tissue when evaluating clinical utility of compounds of interest.

Join like-minded individuals in networking, sharing successes and lessons learned to better inform your own therapeutic endeavours.

Why Now?

Through a comprehensive study of how all can work together to truly optimize likelihood of therapeutic success, stay informed by industry leaders and become equipped with the crucial knowledge to maintain your competitive edge.

Whether directly involved in clinical development or supporting biopharma in bringing individualized therapies to market, this summit will educate your team on how all in the industry can work together, so ultimately patients can receive a better standard of care.

Featured Speakers

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Ultivue is a venture-backed company developing reagent-driven solutions for high-performance biological imaging in situ, combining unlimited multiplexing at high speed with high spatial resolution. Ultivue’s proprietary solutions will enable researchers to realize the promise of personalized medicine. The company has launched products and services that will seamlessly integrate into existing workflows for biomarker discovery, assay validation, and companion diagnostic applications.