Why This Is The Event For You?

Over recent years immunotherapies have emerged as a promising and innovative approach to treating some cancers. Leveraging the body’s own immune system to combat disease, treatments can become more precise, personalized and efficacious.

Despite this excitement, obstacles remain in crossing the all-important regulatory barrier, begging the question: How can immunotherapy stakeholders work together so targeted treatment benefits can be seen by more patients?

Answer this question and more at the inaugural Biomarker Insights Summit, a one day think tank dedicated to connecting the dots within the translational and pathology ecosystem. Participate alongside biopharma, academics, CRO and diagnostic leaders to explore opportunities for all to maximize the successes of biomarker driven trials.

Via keynote talks, interactive panel discussions and thought leadership promoting sessions, the summit will focus on:

  • Utilizing Image Analysis to Gain Insights of the Immune Landscape within the Tumor Microenvironment
  • Evaluating and interpreting today’s biomarker technologies

  • Maximizing exploratory biomarker data from clinical trials
  • Implementing digital pathology into a clinical setting
  • Harmonizing academic and commercial research
  • Overcoming hurdles in the current diagnostic testing landscape